Pocket Camp 101: How to Build Up Supplies in Animal Crossing

How to Build Up Supplies in Animal Crossing

For a friendly mobile game, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has an overwhelming number of items and collectibles — from fruit to fish to friends. Even though it can be difficult to keep up, this guide will be a great stepping stone to creating the campsite of your dreams without spending a dime.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is the series' first foray into mobile gaming, however, this isn't Nintendo's first rodeo in the mobile medium. And while AC:PC isn't officially available in the US just yet, you can go here to see how to get it on your Android or iPhone today.

This guide will pick up right where the in-game tutorial leaves you: With a boatload of freedom and no idea what to do with it. It will to churn for supplies and rewards that you'll need for your first few days in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

Step 1: Collect Your Daily Rewards

When you first log on each day, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will give you a small bonus just for opening the app. The bonus will be better for each consecutive day you log in, so open the app at least once per day to rack up free stuff.

When you first log on each day, you'll be greeted with a list of goals, broken up into "Timed Goals" and "Stretch Goals." Ignore the Stretch Goals for now, as you'll complete those as you progress in the game. The Timed Goals, though, are usually easy to complete, and offer great rewards for what would otherwise be simple tasks. For example, knowing that you need Horse mackerels will incentivize you to fish more.

(1) Showing up is half the battle. (2) Keep Timed Goals in mind and you'll easily complete them. (3) Stretch Goals will be completed as you play the game naturally.

Step 2: Hoard Everything

Something you'll notice about Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is that there is a ton of stuff to collect. There are fruit, fish, cotton, wood, preserves, Leaf Tickets, Bells, etc. The game also doesn't do a great job of explaining what items are useful for each activity.

So let's break it down quickly: You forage for raw goods (fruit, fish, bugs) to give to animals in exchange for crafting items (wood, cotton, steel, essences), that you use to make furniture for your campsite. In future guides, the art of friendship and crafting will be discussed, but for right now the takeaway is: Grab everything you can.

Step 3: Collect Fruit First

Of all the raw goods that you can get yourself, fruit has the longest respawn time (three hours). For this reason, prioritize going to the areas on the map on the right and top-left, as they have the most unique fruits. The top-left area also has a fishing area, so make sure to stock up on those, too. The other two foraging areas (bottom-left and bottom-right) only have coconuts, so go to them last.

(1) The areas on the right and top-left have the best fruit. (2) Fruit takes forever to respawn. (3) Coconuts are everywhere.

Step 4: Stock Up on Fish & Bugs

The respawn times on fish, fruit, and bugs are much more player-friendly — but they're still incredibly important when filling requests for animals.

While you're collecting fruit, see if the areas have other amenities. You'll know immediately if you can perform other activities in an area, because your player will pull out the tool associated with that area (like a fishing rod or bug-catching net). Early on, you'll have plenty of inventory space, and animals will only ask for common items. So for now, just get as much of everything as possible.

(1) Olive flounders only spawn on the beach. (2) Pale chubs are only in the river. (3) Butterflies and bugs are restricted to one area.

How have you been enjoying Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp so far? Did this guide help you get your feet wet? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cover image and screenshots by Brian Lang/Gadget Hacks

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