How To: Navigate the home screen on Droid smartphones

Navigate the home screen on Droid smartphones

In this video tutorial, anyone who owns a Droid smartphone can learn how to better navigate their home screen. With this Droid phone tips, you'll be able to maximize your time and create shortcuts to your most used applications. The Droid's home screen in much like a computer's desktop; putting an icon on one of your Droid home screens allows you quick access to a program or app. There are numerous Android phones, but this video focuses on the "Droid" versions, but you may need to play around a bit if it doesn't work quite as shown in the video.

These tips and tricks for Droid phones will help you utilize the mobile device to its full potential:

1. Jump to the main Home Screen [0:38]
2. Find other Home Screens [0:55]
3. HTC Incredible Home Screen options [1:18]
4. Add icons to your Home Screen (v.1) [1:47]
5. Move icons from your Home Screen [3:03]
6. Remove icons from your Home Screen [3:24]
7. Add icons to your Home Screen (v.2) [4:22]
8. Power tips: working with folders to organize icons [4:55]

If you want a written tutorial, check out the Use My Droid website.

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