How To: Jailbreak your iPod touch or iPhone using QuickFreedom

Jailbreak your iPod touch or iPhone using QuickFreedom

There are many ways to jailbreak the iPhone, found all over the internet. This method explains how to jailbreak the iPhone or iPod touch using Quickfreedom 2.0 BETA on a machine running Windows Vista.

Written Steps:
Step 1. Go to your internet browser and type in "Quickfreedom 2.0 BETA"
Step 2. Scroll down until something says "download"
Step 3. Save that file
Step 4. While its downloading make a new tab and go to (optional)
Step 5. Click the last thing that says iPod/iPhone (optional)
Step 6. Scroll down to where it says iPod Touch 2G (3.0/7A41) (optional)
Step 7. Once your quickfreedom download is done go to the downloads section in your documents.
Step 8. Scroll down until you see something called SetupBeta
Step 9. double click that
Step 10. Press allow to that screen that pops up.
Step 11. Click next 2 times and check to where it says create desktop icon.
Step 12. Click next and uncheck to where it says " Launch Quickfreedom"
Step 13. Find the icon on your desktop and right click it and find "run as administrator" and click that.
Step 14. Click allow and then choose the device you have.
Step 15. it will auto locate your firmware.
Step 16. Press next and choose what you want Cydia Icy or both (I Recommend you get cydia)
Step 17. The Jailbreak will load.
Step 18. Put your ipod touch in DFU mode. If you dont know how to do it press DFU instructions on the top.
Step 19. Let the iPod/iPhone do its thing.


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