How To: Install Opera Mini on the LG KF600 Venus mobile phone

Install Opera Mini on the LG KF600 Venus mobile phone

This innovative handset makes user convenience its priority. Created with the aim of overcoming the limitations of existing mobile phones, every function is available through a flexible layout of navigation keys. Fixed keypads are a thing of the past with the LG KF600 Venus cell phone.

With 'Thomsons & Touch' and 'Mini Game World' included, the KF600's dual-screen game function will let you enjoy the games dynamically without the restrictions of a single frame. The games even include touch screen compatibility, making them more interactive and life-like.

In particular, the Interact Pad offers optimized menu keys that suit any game-playing situation, thereby considerably increasing user convenience and enjoyment.

This is a detailed video guide on how to install Opera Mini on the LG KF600 Venus mobile phone. Opera Mini on the go with your cell phone creates the ultimate experience for a great web experience.

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