How To: Hack your iPhone with Black Ra1n & Sn0w

Hack your iPhone with Black Ra1n & Sn0w

TooSmartGuys teach viewers how to hack their iPhone using Black Ra1n and Sn0w. First, if you have a jail broken iPhone you should back up your apps by downloading a program called App Back Up. Now, plug your iPhone in and let iTunes load. Allow it to update and you should see the iTunes icon on your phone and the cord picture. Open up Blackra1n and click the button that says make it rain. Your phone reboots and there will be a new app on there called blackra1n. Launch this app and you can put in the unlock blacksn0w and install it. From here you can retrieve all of your apps! If your Wi-Fi does not connect, you can install a third party application that will help you find Wi-Fi.

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