How To: Google Photos Has an I'm Feeling Lucky Button & It Totally Rocks

Google Photos Has an I'm Feeling Lucky Button & It Totally Rocks

Smartphones have made us all photographers in a sense, and with the sheer amount of pictures we take, it's become too easy for memorable moments to be overlooked. Thankfully, a feature in Google Photos makes it easy to revisit forgotten images and recordings.

Google's awesome gallery app has a "Feel Lucky" feature that takes you to a randomly chosen collection of photos and videos from a certain location or time frame. The hidden function is available for both iPhones and Androids, and it's a great way to take a trip down memory lane.

To try it out, simply long-press the app's icon on your home screen, then hit "Feel Lucky" (Android) or "I'm Feeling Lucky" (iOS) on the menu that appears. From there, you'll be instantly taken to a random album of photos and videos taken from a specific location or time, or featuring a specific item or theme.

If you want easier access to this feature on Android, you can even add it as a home screen shortcut by long-pressing "Feel Lucky" in that popup, then dragging it to a spot of your choosing.

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