How To: Get Taylor Swift's 4.26 Instagram Filter Right Now

Get Taylor Swift's 4.26 Instagram Filter Right Now

Is there a bigger name in pop music than Taylor Swift right now? Her 116 million followers on Instagram would probably argue, "No." As such, if you're one of these many followers, you might have seen Taylor advertising a new "4.26" filter on her story. Problem is, there's no clear instruction for actually using the filter. That's where we come in.

But first, a quick recap: Instagram welcomes partnership with creators to make augmented reality filters for the platform. Anyone who's a fan of AR effects should welcome this system since it means a flood of new face filter content that Instagram simply couldn't compete against the likes of Snapchat all on its own.

So, how do you access these filters, specifically, Taylor Swift's new filter? Simple. Just follow the account. Following @taylorswift on Instagram automatically grants you access to the filter. Once you follow her, head over to your story camera, tap the face icon in the bottom right, then find and tap on the "4.26" filter. Presto.

Swift says the filter will change every day. We saw our first update overnight, as the filter now includes floating hearts. And what's the reasoning for this "4.26" filter exactly? For a couple of months now, Swift has been giving signs that April 26 was going to be a big announcement — she's had a countdown timer on her Instagram stories all week.

With just half a day to go, on April 25, Swift said offhandedly in her stories on that the announcement will be new music dropping. She said that the new butterfly mural that just appeared in Nashville, painted by artist Kelsey Montague, contains clues about the new music:

How much do you want to bet the album has a metamorphosis theme?

In the meantime, don't forget to tag @taylorswitft when posting photos and videos of this filter — Swift has been sharing her fans' stories on her own story, so you could very well end up featured there, too.

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Cover image and screenshots by Jake Peterson/Gadget Hacks

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