How To: Get out of DFU/Recovery Mode on an iPhone running 2.0

Get out of DFU/Recovery Mode on an iPhone running 2.0

A reoccurring problem that many iPod Touch/iPhone users are encountering is their device entering a permanent "recovery mode" state by using firmware. SamlvnErin has an immediate, and effective solution which can fix your problem with little hassle and the procedure is absolutely free. SamlynErin starts off by showing us an iPod in "recovery mode". He then logs into Mega Upload and downloads Quickpwn2.2 by filling a little code fill at the top right hand corner. It then will give you the option to download it for a price or wait a small amount of time (seconds) and download it for free. He then demonstrates, in raw footage, that the program downloaded successfully fixes the iPod/iPod Touch so you can continue to enjoy your device.

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