How To: Get More Bro Time by Automating Loving Texts to Your Girlfriend

Get More Bro Time by Automating Loving Texts to Your Girlfriend

Those of us with girlfriends understand that in order for the relationship to run smoothly, you have to keep your woman happy and let her know that you're thinking of her—even when you're not.

While hanging out with your bros, it can be easy to let your priorities, or your girlfriend, slip your mind, so don't let that competitive game of beer pong inhibit you from being the best boyfriend you can be.

Take advantage of today's technology by using your smartphone as your virtual relationship wingman. All you need, bro, is the BroApp from the development team at Factorial Products.

Step 1: Install the App, Bro

With good intentions in mind and smartphone in hand, install BroApp onto your device. The application is free for Android and only $0.99 for iOS.

Step 2: Enter Your Girl's Number, Bro

Get started by selecting your girlfriend's contact information—you only get one girlfriend. This app is about being a better boyfriend, not a player.

Step 3: Choose Your Messages, Bro

Once you've selected your girlfriend's contact information, select up to five messages you want your significant other to receive from "you." The app will send one per day, but not after you've been in contact with her. You can also insert your own personal messages with the plus sign.

Step 4: Let It Know Where You're at, Bro

In order for the app to message at the correct time, specify your home, work, and girlfriend's Wi-Fi networks.

Step 5: Set Your Days, Bro

Choose the days of the week you want the app in operation. Again, this app will send one message for every day you specify.

Step 6: Pick the Time, Bro

Here's where setting the Wi-Fi connections come into play. Using a specified time and your connection (or lack of) from a certain network, the app will know when to send the message, or you can specify a time with the "At a specific time" option.

Step 7: You're All Good, Bro

Once you've completed the setup, quickly review it, then tap "Yes, all good!" You can then passcode-protect the app to ensure no one sabotages your relationship.

Honestly, the application is pretty useful—just don't depend on it too much, it's never good to conduct a relationship on autopilot. But now that your girlfriend is taken care of, spend some time with your bros, because BroApp has got your back.

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