How To: Fix the Missing FaceTime Video Call Feature on iPhone 4

Fix the Missing FaceTime Video Call Feature on iPhone 4

Some people (including myself) are seeing a "Hold" button instead of the "FaceTime" button when calling people on our new iPhone 4. It turns out this problem comes from a bug where Apple disables FaceTime on the iPhone 4 if you restored from an iPhone 3G.

To get your missing FaceTime button back, there's no need to do a full system restore. You just need to turn it back on. Here's how to fix it.

Step 1: Turn on WiFi

Unfortunately, FaceTime will not work on the AT&T 3G network. You must be accessing WiFi.

Step 2: Turn on FaceTime in Phone Settings

  1. Go to the HOME screen
  1. Tap PHONE
  1. Turn FACETIME to the ON position. If it is already in the on position, just turn it off, then back on again.

Step 3: You're Done!

Go back to your phone and make a call to someone else with an iPhone 4, and you should now have the FaceTime button so you can make a FaceTime call!


  • If you don't know anyone with an iPhone 4 and FaceTime, but you want to try it out, you can call 1-888-FACETIME (1-888-322-3846) and talk to an Apple rep live over Facetime. They're available from 8am to 8pm CDT.

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Some people are saying it can take 5 or 10 minutes for FaceTime to activate, but going through these steps does work!

I am using Iphone 3GS before but when I had an Iphone 4G I synchronised it and the facetime button is not available in the settings. What will I do?

From your home screen, Tap "Settings", then go to "Phone" and switch the Facetime option to "On".

hi im in dubai, i dont have option of facetime ON/OFF in my phone settings, pls advise..

Hi John,

The government in Dubai has blocked FaceTime on the iPhone. You may be able to work around that block it if you jailbreak your iPhone 4. I'm not sure though.

Thanks Bryan, now my problem how to jailbreak my iphone.. :) but afraid to loose my warranty.. it is jailbreaking worth to do? or just keep my phone in his lifeless situation..hehehe

Jail-breaking does void your warrantee. There are plenty of tutorials on this website that will teach you how if you want to try (just scroll up and use the search bar). But yeah, if you don't want to break your warrantee, you're stuck with the crippled phone :)

My husband has an iphone 4 and is in iraq (with phone service turned off) for the last 3 months we were able to facetime every day, now the button is not there.. when he goes into my contact info there is usually my number on top then text message, facetime, share contact and then add to favorites are under that.. except now his facetime is gone... does anyone know how to fix this???

Read the above article and have him go through those steps. The button will come back.

After waiting for 5 minute or so, there's a popup said "An error occurred during activation."

Same here too, but i live in the US and still it doesn't work.

Hi, I have my iphone 4 with Telcel in Mexico and I follow the above steps and I still have the message: Waiting for activation... , can you help me ?

Hello, please help me, i don't have the button Phone in my Settings. Help!!!

please help me how to take it off the restriction passcode of my iphone 4..plssss.

I have checked out all the following online stuff to fix facetime missing issue but useless......

1. setting> ....facetime (Couldn't find any option)
2. setting>..... restriction (same ...couldn't find any option)
3. Restore and update ios. (same couldn't find)
4. then i read about limitation according to region....... NO WAY (As i am in saudi arabia) if something is wrong with serial no..... then please suggest any best solution..... thanks in advance

Okay. So I followed your step and still, my facetime doesn't work. I can't call or receive any facetime call. Any suggestions?

Apple's FaceTime registration severs may be having trouble. Wait a few hours and try again.

Thank you dear Bryan, I've worked with all the steps but Face Time appears only when I make the call and not before the call?

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