How To: Fix dim screen problems on your iPod Touch or iPhone

Fix dim screen problems on your iPod Touch or iPhone

In this video, we learn how to fix and iPod touch LCD screen that is too dim/won't light up. First, open up the back case of the device and take out the battery. Make sure not to disconnect the battery that is attached to the battery. After this, take a tool, which you can purchase at ifix, and remove the LCD connection button, then snap it back on. This is located at the bottom left hand side and is black. Replace your battery and case your back light will now be back up, without having to purchase a new screen!

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Followed these instructions but after reassembly the screen is now black. :(

will this work on the ipod touch 4th gen???

will this work on ipod touch 4th gen and screen is slightly cracked will that make a difference

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