How To: Find your Blackberry Messenger PIN

Find your Blackberry Messenger PIN

One of the coolest features on a Blackberry is BBM or Blackberry Messenger. BBM allows you to talk to anyone with a Blackberry, anywhere in the world, absolutely free! You can send messages back and forth and you phone will even keep a record of the conversation in case you need to reference something later.
In order to use Blackberry Messenger you will need to locate and know what to do with your BBM PIN number. Every Blackberry comes equipped with a unique PIN for BBMing. This tutorial will show you how to find your PIN number, step by step, and start BBMing your friends.

Step 1
Go to the main menu on your Blackberry device

Step 2
Scroll down to the Options menu and select it

Step 3
Scroll down the Options menu until you hit the Status section

Step 4
Select Status. The fourth option under Status will be your Personal Identification Number or PIN

Once you have your PIN, text or e-mail it to your friends and they will give you theirs. Input each others numbers and there you have it - you are connected in the BBM universe!

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