How To: Feeling Nostalgic? Here's How to Find Songs You Couldn't Get Enough of on Tidal

Feeling Nostalgic? Here's How to Find Songs You Couldn't Get Enough of on Tidal

It is surreal how your playlists change over time. A song you loved in January will be forgotten about in May. With hundreds of singles from different artists coming out daily, it is easy to get distracted. Tidal understood this problem and created a solution called "History Mix."

With History Mix, you can jump into a collection of songs based on your listening patterns. Unlike Spotify's Your Top Songs and Repeat Rewind, this isn't one big list for the entire time you've been subsribed to the music service. Instead, Tidal categorizes songs based on individual months, so you can see the moment you started and stopped listening to your favorite song.

Using History Mix

Scroll down on the Home tab until you find the new section, Your History. Here, you will find a collection of different categories, starting with "Most Listened, followed by a series of playlists named for the month and year. Choose "View all" to see lists made for each month you have been a Tidal subscriber.

Select a month to see a list of the most listened-to songs of that month and year. At the top of the page, you can either start listening to this collection or make it a playlist. You can also add individual songs to your playlist by selecting the three horizontal dots next to the song and choosing "Add to Playlist."

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