How To: Control your computer remotely via your iPod Touch

Control your computer remotely via your iPod Touch

This video shows you how to control your computer from your iPod touch. 1. Go to UVNC. Click on Installation. This will take you to download options. Download the latest stable version. 2. Install Hamachi, which helps you find your computer's IP address. Click on Download Here link, fill in the registration information, and click submit. 3. Install a VNC listener on your iPod so it can connect to your desktop. Jailbreak your iPod, and open the installer. Click All Programs; scroll down until you see VNSea. Install it. Restart the iPod. 4. Find your local and remote IP addresses. Go to Start>command prompt. Type in "ipconfig". Go to the "LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection" section. Look for your IPv4 address. This is your local IP. Under "Internet Adapter Hamachi" find the IPv4 address. Write these down. 5. Now we have to forward a port on your router. In the address bar of the browser, type in your router's IP. Enter the username and password. Click the Applications & Gaming tab. Type 5900 under Start and End. Make sure Protocol is set to Both and the PC's local IP is set under IP address. Name it whatever you like. Click Save. To check that it's working, go to UTorrent test port. If you get an OK message, you're all set. 6. If you didn't get an OK, go to Port Forward, and it will take you through step by step on how to forward your port. 7. If everything's working, start UltraVNC on your PC. Right click on the icon in your task tray and click Admin Properties. Make sure you have a password set. Click OK. 8. Now open up VNSea on your iPod. Click the + and you will be taken to the Edit Server screen. Under name, put something like "Ben's Computer." For address, enter your remote IP. For password, enter the password you set earlier. Press save. Select your computer. Once it loads you should be able to access your computer screen!

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