How To: Build a 32 plate 31 cell series HHO electrolyzer

Build a 32 plate 31 cell series HHO electrolyzer

This small but very powerful electrolyzer produces gas that increases the fuel mileage of your car. The elctrolyzer runs on baking soda (4 volts/cell) and produces hydrogen. Electrolyzers in general are machines that uses a direct electric current to drive a chemical reaction that would otherwise not occur on its own.

This particular HHO electrolyzer can run a car, and if you double the number of plates you can increase how well it works and also use lye. Purchase the stainless steel sheets from your hardwood supplier.

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cool video

Hey thanks for that vid! Its was great. Could you do a parts list in your video text information box? That would help allot! Thanks

Using Baking soda creates another bi-gas... carbon monoxide...

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