How To: Add Useful Sources to Your Jailbroken Idevice.

Add Useful Sources to Your Jailbroken Idevice.

In order to make your idevice more functional and useful jailbraking is the obvious choice. Here are some repos to get those useful tweaks, apps, and themes.

Step 1: Learn How to Add a Source

Open cydia. Goto manage. Goto sources. Press edit. then press add and enter the URL of the source.

Step 2: Try These Useful Sources:


Step 3: Words of Wisdom

OK well most of the sources i provided above contain cracked apps(your welcome). But remember this is FYI so i am not responsible for whatever you do. Now, the Hackulous repo contains installous, which allows you to download cracked ipas, otherwise known as apps, FYI. Thanks for reading. If you have any other repos write them in comments and i will gladly add them into article. cover image from

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