How To: 12 Quirky Accessories You'll Actually Want to Use with Your iPhone or Android Phone

12 Quirky Accessories You'll Actually Want to Use with Your iPhone or Android Phone

There is a whole world of smartphone accessories out there, some of which are more quirky than others and don't get the recognition they deserve. But these sometimes strange, sometimes embarrassing products can really make life easier on your iPhone or Android phone.

We've found a treasure trove of little-known accessories that should definitely be more popular. They may be overlooked often because they're pricy, absurd-looking, or goofy, but it's also entirely possible you didn't even know they existed. With just a few of the items listed below, you can TikTok more conveniently, turn your smartphone into a DSLR-like camera, or even light things on fire. And these are just a few of the odd buys on our shopping list.

1. Lazy Phone Holder for Your Neck

Starting off our list is the lazy smartphone holder, a hands-free solution with a stiff but flexible foam-covered metal wire that fits around your neck or can be shaped into a regular phone stand, a car mount, and more.

When using it around your neck, you can watch videos on your iPhone or Android phone without holding the device, and the video stays in the same place as you move around to different locations. It's also helpful when recording close-up videos of tasks you're completing in front of you or talking to someone on FaceTime or another video chat platform.

You may look weird wearing it, but the usefulness outweighs the weirdness.

Image by B-Land/Amazon

There are actually quite a lot of lazy phone holder models out there, but the popular ones seem to be the ones made by B-Land. Some of their options include:

2. Lazy Phone Holder for Your Head or Neck

Another ridiculous-looking yet incredibly useful hands-free accessory is the head strap/neck holder combo. If you plan on video recording a lot of footage of you cooking, crafting, and performing other hand-based tasks, the head strap mount is much easier than the lazy holder above.

Image by GoollRend/Amazon

Whether you're an aspiring content creator or someone who loves exploring the unique and quirky side of smartphone accessories, this could be a fun, albeit unconventional, addition to your gadget collection. Aside from the most helpful head strap, there's also the neck holder, which you wear like a necklace, that's less configurable than the lazy phone holder.

3. Nostalgic Game Boy Case to Play Retro Games

There are plenty of games you could play on your iPhone or Android phone, but only a few you can play on a smartphone case. Retro-style, playable gaming cases have been a thing for years now, and while they may look a little silly, they give you quick, easy access to classic Nintendo Game Boy games anywhere you go.

Not only do these cases sport a playful Game Boy design, but they also come with full-color displays and 36 or 128 built-in games to play on the back of your phone, truly making it a nostalgic yet functional accessory. These cases come in various shades to suit your personal style and have great potential as a conversation starter.

Image by Benelet/Amazon

Most of the cases listed below will be very similar: silicone material with a built-in battery and micro-USB charging port. With the charging cable, there's no need for an extra battery as long as you keep the case juiced up. There's no way to add your own games, but playing the built-in games comes in handy when you're bored and don't want to unlock your iPhone or Android phone or waste your phone's power.

Apple iPhone models:

Samsung Galaxy models:

4. Wristband Phone Holder as Your 'Watch'

Is it ridiculous to wear your smartphone on your wrist? In the era of smartwatches, it's clear why it can seem redundant, but for some people, the wristband phone holder may be just what they need.

A wristband phone holder is a versatile accessory designed to secure your smartphone while you engage in active pursuits. And it's much more convenient than those less-weird-looking upper armband phone holders since you can see and interact with your phone's display at any time.

Image by VUP/Amazon

This is compatible with most smartphones with 4-inch to 6.7-inch displays, including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, etc. While odd-looking and a bit clunky, its well-thought-out design allows complete access to all buttons and controls of your smartphone without the need to remove it from the case. This makes it an ideal holder when you're out for a run, cycling, engaging in high-intensity workouts, or performing other activities.

5. Mini Tripod That Stores in the Tiny Pocket of Jeans

When it comes to smartphone tripods, there's not much manufacturers can do to make them new and interesting. Except for maybe one thing: make them as small as possible.

For photography enthusiasts, the Joby GripTight One is an essential tool. Small and compact, this tripod provides a stable base for your iPhone or Android phone, perfect for capturing those Instagram-worthy shots or TikTok-style videos. It's also perfect if you stream movies and TV shows often and don't want a bulky stand to carry with you whenever you go.

Image by Joby/Amazon

Its sleek, pocket-sized design means you can bring it anywhere —the coffee shop, a bustling city street, or a windy hilltop. The flexible legs can adjust to any surface, making it ideal for various shooting scenarios. With the GripTight One, you'll never have to worry about shaky hands ruining a great shot again.

6. Phone Grip and Stand with Built-in Lighter

Smokers know how inconvenient it can be to forget or lose a lighter. Even if you don't smoke, having a lighter on hand will allow you to help others who need it, start a campfire, burn those photos of your ex, and more. But lighters are just another thing to take up space in your pocket. This is when a PopSocket comes in handy.

While not an official PopSocket, a cigarette lighter phone grip and stand is the perfect tool for anyone's smartphone. On the surface, it functions like a regular PopSocket – improving grip when taking photos and videos or acting as a miniature stand for your device. It also works with magnetic mounts and works for pretty much any smartphone.

The twist is that it's equipped with a USB-rechargeable cigarette lighter, safe and windproof. It's practicality and convenience rolled into one. Just imagine the looks of surprise when you pop out a lighter from your iPhone. Talk about a party trick!


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Some of the models below are actually the same base model but sold by different brands with little to no changes.

7. Phone Grip with Built-in SOG Multi-Tool

Every handyperson knows the importance of having the right tool for the job. That's why the official PopSockets PopGrip with SOG Multi-Tool is a perfect addition to any smartphone.

You get a PopGrip for easy phone handling and a bottle opener, small pry bar, ¼-inch hex bit driver, and 4-millimeter hex bit driver in one compact package. The hex bit drivers can be used for various tools such as a Phillips, flat-head, or Torx screwdriver tip. The multi-tool slides and twists in and out of its magnetic mount effortlessly.


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It's not just about convenience; it's about being ready for any situation that comes your way. The PopGrip SOG Multi-Tool is a step towards transforming your iPhone or Android phone from a mere communication device into a versatile Swiss army knife. According to the company, it works with any PopMount 2 mount, as well as PopPower and third-party wireless chargers.

8. Self-Coiling, Tangle-Free Magnetic Charging Cable

A magnetic charging cable is so convenient it's ridiculous. It will make you wonder why all chargers aren't made like this, even being as silly as it looks.

This cable is crafted to prevent overcharging and overheating, keeping your device safe while juicing up. But the real draw here is its magnets, which are located at set intervals so you can quickly and neatly wind up the cord without any tangled mess. You can pull your phone with the cable attached, and the line will expand without having to tug on it. Then, just let the magnets wrap the wire back up when you need less cable.


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There are USB-C or USB-A to Lightning cables that work with iPhones and some iPads and USB-C or USB-A to USB-C cables that work with newer iPads and most Android phones and tablets.

9. Phone Grip with Shutter Button and Wireless Charging

Bulky accessories are not for everyone, but ShiftCam SnapGrip is a dream come true for any iPhone or Android photographer. This multifunctional accessory acts as a power bank, wireless charger, phone grip, and camera shutter remote.

With its ergonomic design and comfortable grip, you can easily snap photos single-handedly, capturing perfect angles without having to twist your hand to tap an on-screen button. Plus, its built-in power bank ensures your iPhone stays charged, letting you focus on capturing the perfect shot. Whether you're a pro photographer or a casual Instagrammer, the SnapGrip is a game changer.

It's MagSafe-compatible, but it will also work with Android phones with built-in magnets or any phone using the included magnetic sticker. It also rotates so you can use the phone in portrait or landscape mode.

10. Fjorden Camera Grip for Full DSLR-Style Control

First featured on Kickstarter, the Fjorden Camera Grip for iPhone brings professional camera controls to iOS. Designed to make mobile photography more intuitive and enjoyable, Fjorden offers physical dials, buttons, and a zoom slider that allow for quick, precise adjustments.

Its slim and lightweight design ensures it won't add unnecessary bulk to your iPhone. It's smaller and lighter than the ShiftCam SnapGrip above, but it also has a more specific purpose instead of an all-in-one deal.

The shutter button is two-stage, so you can focus before you snap a picture. The control dial gives you quick access to exposure, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, manual focus, and portrait mode aperture adjustments. The function button is a you-pick button, so you can set it to trigger portrait mode, choose selfie mode, select a flash setting, or switch between other options. The zoom lever lets you switch between your iPhone lenses as well as zoom in and out.

To take full advantage of its features, the Fjorden Camera Grip must be paired with the Fjorden Camera app. Compatible file formats include JPEG, HEIF, RAW, and ProRAW. The app also doubles as an Exif data viewer to view the metadata for any image on your iPhone.


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The grip takes a CR2032 battery, which could last up to a year. And you can buy the grip by itself to work on any iPhone model or get a bundle with a MagSafe case for iPhone 13 Pro or 14 Pro models. The bundles also have sticker plates, so the grip can work on any iPhone model if you change devices.

11. Bluetooth Ring Control for Your TikTok Addiction

You'll get some curious looks, but getting a smart ring with a built-in Bluetooth remote control is worth it on so many levels. It can help you control many different apps on your iPhone or Android phone, but what makes these rings so special is the dedicated TikTok buttons.

When viewing TikTok, you can use the ring's buttons to scroll through videos, like videos, and easily play and pause content. It's also helpful for creating videos without having to touch your phone.

Most of these rings have long-lasting batteries that provide convenience wherever you go, and they can be used for many other apps besides TikTok, as previously mentioned. Users especially like it for turning pages while reading ebooks in apps such as Apple Books or Amazon Kindle, but it also works in camera, music, and calling apps.


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Various models are available, but most use the same design, so their functionality will be very similar if not exactly the same.

12. Old-Fashioned Audio Recording with Magmo Pro

You can use apps like Google Voice, SpoofCard, Skype, TapeACall, and others to record your conversations during phone calls, but that means you're stuck making a three-way call, using a specific app instead of your regular dialer, or paying a heavy subscription price. When you need to record a phone call in the future, try a Magmo Call Recorder.

Magmo is an eccentric but incredibly practical MagSafe call-recording accessory for your iPhone. While it's MagSafe-compatible, it will still work on any smartphone — iPhone or Android — that doesn't have MagSafe as long as you have a magnetic ring or case attached to your iPhone to connect Magmo Call Recorder.

Instead of using an app on your iPhone or Android phone, Magmo records calls directly to its 32 GB internal storage drive. Magmo uses a piezoelectric sensor capable of translating surface vibrations into sound, which is then turned into an audio file. In Magmo's tests, its piezo sensor showed more accuracy and clarity than more traditional microphones. Since it uses the phone's speaker for vibrations, AirPods and other headphones aren't supported.

To start a recording on the original Magmo Call Recorder, flip its switch. An internet connection is not needed. Flip it the other way to end the recording. It's that simple. The upcoming Magmo Pro, currently in a Kickstarter campaign with an estimated ship date of October 2023 for backers, can also record calls automatically with its offline app.

To retrieve your recorded conversations, just plug the Magmo into your computer with the appropriate cable, and you'll see them in a folder you can transfer. The Magmo Pro's companion app also lets you view recordings directly on an iPhone (it's unclear if there will be an Android app yet).

The original Magmo Call Recorder comes with a USB-A to Lightning cable for charging and data transfers. The Magmo Pro comes with a USB-A to USB-C cable. Either Magmo can also be used as a USB flash drive in addition to just a saved calls repository.

As with any call recording tools, the legality of recording calls without the other person's or persons' knowledge will vary from state to state. Currently, 38 states have one-party consent laws, meaning you can be the one party that agrees. However, 12 states currently have all-party consent laws, so everyone on the call must say it's OK.

Just updated your iPhone? You'll find new features for Podcasts, News, Books, and TV, as well as important security improvements and fresh wallpapers. Find out what's new and changed on your iPhone with the iOS 17.5 update.

Cover image of Doumsic TikTok Ring Control via yilinstore/Amazon

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