News: You Can Now Record Multiple 10 Second Snaps Continuously with New Update

You Can Now Record Multiple 10 Second Snaps Continuously with New Update

Snapchat is rolling out some awesome new features in their update today. The major update comes just two weeks after the company's premiere of backdrop, snap shopping, and voice clip features. They rolled out two new features this time, Multi-Snaps and the Tint Brush.

The first is an interesting addition to Snapchat's 10-second videos. It makes it much easier to record things longer than 10 seconds in a way that doesn't make you lose footage in between stopping and starting the video again. Now you can just hold the record button for up to 60 seconds and Snapchat will then break the videos up for you in 10-second intervals.

You'll then be able to decorate each 10-second interval by shifting through the videos that will appear at the bottom left of your screen. You can also delete individual Snap intervals so that you're not stuck with posting all of them if there are only certain parts you want to post. You should know, however, that Snapchat will still make you put whatever remaining intervals you have left in chronological order.

The Tint Brush is a feature that can be used in Snap pictures. Just like you'd do when cutting out a sticker in a photo, you can use your finger to outline an image that you'd like to change the color of. You can do this by pressing the typical "scissors" icon normally used to cut out a sticker. Once you've outlined what you want to change the color of, you can click the "paintbrush" icon in the scissor's tool bar and choose what color you'd like to change it to.

Images via Snapchat

The feature doesn't just overlay a solid color either, according to TechCrunch, it uses machine learning to select the most likely target area (to help any mistakes in outlining) and then colors it while keeping the details of the image.

These features haven't yet been rolled out everywhere, though it's started to today. The Multi-Snap feature is coming to iOS first, then Android, but the Tint Brush is available on both iOS and Android phones. It's rolling out fairly slowly, however, so don't be surprised if you don't see the update right away.

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