News: Wake Up! Anti Sleep Pilot for iPhone Helps Curb Tiredness Behind the Wheel

Wake Up! Anti Sleep Pilot for iPhone Helps Curb Tiredness Behind the Wheel

Always falling asleep behind the wheel? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that there are over 56,000 sleep-related accidents each year, resulting in 40,000 injuries and 1,550 deaths annually in the United States. Don't want to be a statistic? Then you may want to try out ASP Technology's mobile application which aims to keep you awake when you're fatigued on the road.

ASP Technology is known for their Anti Sleep Pilot device, a small gadget that you place on your dash that calculates your fatigue level, maintains your alertness, and recommends you take a break when you're in the danger zone of falling asleep behind the wheel. But there are few motorists willing to spend $180 on it when they could be putting it towards gas or car insurance. And that's why ASP has created a mobile app version of Anti Sleep Pilot for iPad and iPhone, costing just $20, which could be money well spent if you have problems staying awake when driving your vehicle.

Wake Up! Anti Sleep Pilot for iPhone Helps Curb Tiredness Behind the Wheel

It's been out for about six months now, but it's definitely worth checking out. Anti Sleep Pilot was developed in collaboration with sleep scientists to create a patented algorithm to track real-time fatigue levels based on 26 parameters such as driving duration, time of day and reaction times. And it's completely personalized to each user, thanks to a pre-submitted personal risk profile, which asks you your age, sex, body mass index and the hours per week you work and sleep at night. It then can recommend preventive driving breaks and administer alertness tests before fatigue puts you into a dangerous situation.

The only problem is that it's only available for iOS devices. Android users are out of luck, but maybe one day they'll develop one for the Android Market.

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