News: Verizon Takes Greed to New Levels with an Additional $20 Upgrade Fee

Verizon Takes Greed to New Levels with an Additional $20 Upgrade Fee

Wireless contracts and phone-buying programs continue to become more and more confusing. As if you didn't have enough to worry about with regards to the rising costs of services and the elimination of contracts with mobile providers, Verizon Wireless will soon institute a new charge that puts the grub in "money-grubbing." Sadly, this isn't one of those April's Fools pranks that are running rampant on the web today.

Starting next week, the largest mobile phone provider in the United States will add another $20 onto the bills of their customers as a new upgrade fee. Verizon states that the fee is being instituted to cover the rising costs that come with customers switching from device to device.

Get the f outta here.

This fee will not only be added to the preexisting $40 upgrade fee for those renewing their contracts, but will also be applied to those who are purchasing a new iPhone through Apple's new upgrade program that was put in place within their retail stores last September.

Breakdown of Verizon Wireless' upgrade fee changes. Image via MacRumors

The news is troubling, and it may mean that if you were looking to get your hands on the iPhone SE or the Samsung Galaxy 7, you should do so before the fee becomes official on April 4th.

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