News: Twitch Will Soon Allow Mobile Gamers to Live Stream

Twitch Will Soon Allow Mobile Gamers to Live Stream

There is a seemingly endless supply of games on mobile. While many of these games are fantastic, many are also, well ... garbage. And unfortunately, the platform as a whole has been dismissed because of those garbage games. This situation leaves gamers like myself wondering what can be done to develop a deeper public respect for gaming on smartphones.

The answer may lie with Twitch, of all places. The streaming giant has announced plans to bring live streaming capabilities to mobile next month. Soon, players of Clash of Clans to players of Monument Valley 2 will be able to stream their gaming right alongside streamers of Grand Theft Auto and Super Smash Bros.

Mobile live streaming also opens the door for tournaments. Could we possibly see Critical Ops competitions alongside competitions as huge as Counter Strike?

Having mobile gaming on the same site as these other reputable games might be the push the mobile gaming industry needs to break out of its stereotypical shackles. Some of the best games in recent memory have been on mobile, but many people don't know or give these titles a chance.

Help us mobile gamers, Twitch — you're our only hope.

We also have a flair for the dramatic. Image by Star Wars/20th Century Fox

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