News: Thinking of Ditching MoviePass? Directly Compare Movie Ticket Subscriptions with This Chart

Thinking of Ditching MoviePass? Directly Compare Movie Ticket Subscriptions with This Chart

It's no secret that MoviePass is a shell of the service it once was. The primary $9.95/month plan for three movies each month is inconsistent and can change drastically depending on your location. Thankfully, MoviePass isn't the only movie ticket subscription service available. We've compared all the best plans on the market to help you find the one that's right for you.

That's why we've made this chart below. It comprehensively compares the most important info, features, quirks, and fine print from each of the major four movie ticket subscription services — MoviePass, Sinemia, AMC Stubs A-List, and Cinemark Movie Club. Take a look to see which platforms do what and which one will best fit your movie theater needs.

UPDATE: Sinemia has shut down in the US. Find out more.

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The chart is a great way to visualize the various similarities and differences between the platforms. If you want more details about each service and what each reference point means before making your choice, check out our complete collection of movie subscription reviews down below.

1. MoviePass

MoviePass is the one that started it all. At its peak, users could see one movie a day for just $9.95/month. Nowadays, things are a bit more of a mess. Limited users have the best experience, but for many, features are temperamental, movies are unavailable, and the entire exercise feels futile at times.

That doesn't mean MoviePass isn't the service for you. $9.95 a month for three movies is still a huge savings over paying full price for each ticket individually. Plus, MoviePass just reintroduced some annual gift plans and has better monthly plans almost ready to go for 2019. Read up and see if your location and movie habits work well with what MoviePass is today, as well as next year.

2. Sinemia

After MoviePass' perpetual PR nightmare, it only seemed inevitable that a service like Sinemia would rise up to the challenge. Sinemia offers the highest number of plans on this list. Depending on the desired number of movies per month, as well as how many users would like to be on one account, plans can range from as little as $3.99 to as high as $89.99 for a full family plan.

Sinemia is really the service for those who want to choose a plan that fits their lifestyle as perfectly as possible. But all that choices can make the platform utterly confusing. Plus, unless you're willing to commit to a year-long subscription, plans come with an initiation fee, the only service on this list to do so. There are also processing fees and convenience fees for most online tickets, so overall, you may be spending more than a comparable MoviePass plan.

Check out the guide below to weigh the pros and cons of Sinemia for yourself.

3. AMC Stubs A-List

If you live near an AMC Theatres location, this subscription is likely the one for you and is tough to beat. While the $19.99/month price tag feels high, AMC Stubs A-List gives users three movies a week. That's a possible 12 movies a month for the price of one or two standard tickets. Not to mention, these tickets apply to every movie, including IMAX and 3D.

AMC-exclusive perks, like concession discounts and points towards rewards, are just the cherry on top. But the biggest downside is that exclusivity; Unlike MoviePass or Sinemia, AMC Stubs A-List only works at AMC Theatres locations. If you don't live near an AMC or your regular spot happens to be Regal, Cinemark, or some other chain, A-List won't help you. Take a look at the breakdown below to see if A-List fits your needs.

4. Cinemark Movie Club

Finally, there's Cinemark Movie Club, Cinemark's subscription service. Like AMC Stubs A-List, Movie Club will only work for users who live by a Cinemark location. For those that do, it's really a humble option: one 2D movie ticket a month for $8.99. You don't get the high number of tickets that you do with A-List, but the service is pretty cheap. Plus, you can buy one additional ticket for that same $8.99, saving money for a friend to join you if you live in an area where tickets are pricey.

There are other perks exclusive to Cinemark, such as 20% off all concessions purchases. While MoviePass and Sinemia can allow you to see more Cinemark movies a month, perhaps these perks will be enough to get you subscribing. Check out the link below for more info on Movie Club.

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