News: Talk-o-Meter App Identifies Motormouths from the Soft Spoken

Talk-o-Meter App Identifies Motormouths from the Soft Spoken

How do you fare in a phone conversation? Are you a motormouth or are you constantly dominated by the other person? Or are you both eager to get it all out? If you have an iPhone, there's an application that will reveal just who is the better chatter and which of you is more soft spoken.

Talk-o-Meter App Identifies Motormouths from the Soft SpokenTalk-o-Meter costs $4.99 in the iTunes App Store and is probably best suited for those who know they're too quiet on the phone. Why would a chatterbox need this app? He or she probably already knows they dominate the conversation, unless they want to add boasting to their list of discussion topics. No, this is best suited for the muted speaker, someone looking to become a decent conversationalist, whether with friends and family or as a lonely consumer.

After calibrating Talk-o-Meter to identify separate voices in the dialogue, it will recognize who's speaking and keeps track of each other's talk time. On your iPhone, you'll see the results displayed in colored percent bars, with blue and red distinguishing the talkers, as well as indicating the balance. This is the perfect mobile app for making sure you participate more. Just look at the stats when talking and adjust as needed.

Unperfekthaus, Talk-o-Meter's creator, is currently working on an updated version that transcends two-person talks, and shows you who's dominating a group conversation. But for now, it's good enough to show your girlfriend she talks too much (or vice versa).

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