Splitscreen: A Love Story Shot Entirely on the Nokia N8 Mobile Phone

A Love Story Shot Entirely on the Nokia N8 Mobile Phone

Splitscreen: A Love Story is an elegant short shot entirely on the Nokia N8 mobile phone, created by director JW Griffiths and director of photography Christopher Moon. The cleverly constructed splitscreen film was selected as the official winner of Vimeo's Nokia Shorts 2011 contest, raking in a grand prize of $10K.

So how did they do it? Splitscreen: A Love Story was shot using the Steadicam Smoothee, a hand-held dolly designed for the iPhone 3GS, which the team adapted for use with the Nokia N8. They then attached the device to a bicycle, creating one large mobile dolly to capture the short's beautiful, longshot cityscapes.

In the gallery below, check out the project's brief behind-the-scenes "making of", as well as the original pitch for the short.

Overall, the quality of the footage is quite impressive. What do you think? How long until a major theatrical release is shot entirely on a smartphone?

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