News: Social Media All-Star Chris Brogan Shares His Top Tips on Mastering Mobile

Social Media All-Star Chris Brogan Shares His Top Tips on Mastering Mobile

Chris Brogan is no stranger to using multiple social media platforms all from the comfort of his phone. In fact, not only does he have over 350,000 followers on Twitter, but he's also an avid YouTuber, Instagrammer, podcaster, and blogger.

That's just his online world too. Chris provides strategy and skills for the modern business. He is the CEO of Owner Media Group, a well-known public speaker, and a New York Times bestselling author of nine books and working on his tenth.

In today's social media driven world, where we all basically live off our phones, it's hard to pinpoint where to begin when it comes to our mobile devices. We have so many apps to choose from. So where do we begin? Well, one good way is to ask the people who have already mastered their phones for you.

Image via Chris Brogan

I talked with Chris about his top tricks for mastering Twitter and also how he manages other online platforms from his device. The chat below has been edited for clarity.

Bettina Mangiaracina: I would imagine that being an active Twitter maven requires a lot of time spent on the app. Do you use the Twitter app itself or is there another app that you use to manage your everyday tweeting?

Chris Brogan: I use the standard Twitter app on my phone and then desktop to manage replies. I use Hootsuite to schedule some tweets every day. I used to use a few other Twitter apps (have tried maybe a dozen), but I don't have a whole lot of requirements. I use Twitter for this weird arcane thing called talking with people.

BM: What would you consider your phone of choice?

CB: I currently am about to trade in my Samsung Galaxy S6 and get the S8. I prefer Android because it lets me do what I want and change enough things that build the phone into what I want it to be and do.

BM: How do you customize your Android device?

CB: I use Aviate, a home screen/launcher app made by Yahoo! (I know, right?) because it lets me keep everything neat. My home screen is super clean. And then one thumb swipe to the right, and everything's organized into simple shelves. The icons are all replaced using something called Devo (just for looks), and I swapped out my keyboard with the Swiftkey Keyboard, which lets you swipe type, but also does a whole lot of typing from memory/anticipation.

Chris Brogan's home screen provided to Gadget Hacks. Image via Chris Brogan

BM: Are there any specific hardware things that you look for in a phone – maybe a camera or speaker?

CB: The reason I'll be switching from the Galaxy S6 to the Galaxy S8 is because evidently, the cameras work rather well on it. I'm looking forward to that.

BM: What are your top three tricks for using Twitter?

CB: First, be responsive. Answer as many replies as possible. But never thank people for retweets. Second, never spam. Don't tweet the same message 50 times but change the person you're mentioning. And lastly, share a mix of business and life. Whatever you're hoping to attract will go better if someone knows a bit about your personality as well.

BM: I read your post on podcasting and video and how watching and listening are the new reading. How do you feel about this in relation to Instagram Stories? How do you keep someone engaged on a platform like that?

CB: Instagram stories are a great way to add some "liner notes" to your typical content. You can be a bit more free with it, too. I dislike people who stay buttoned up the whole time. Share a bit of your personality. That's what I feel draws people in.

BM: I noticed you're also a podcast fan. Any specific app you use to listen to podcasts?

CB: I use two different podcast apps: Stitcher and Pocket Casts. I love how easy it is to search for new content on Stitcher. It has amazing discovery. Pocket Casts is for my everyday subscriptions.

BM: When it comes to creating your YouTube videos, do you use your phone to film and edit?

CB: I've done some YouTube work on my phone but not a lot. Quik (made by the GoPro people) is pretty easy to use. I prefer Adobe Premiere Clip because it gives me a bit more control.

BM: How about other social media platforms? Any thoughts on what the next up and coming one will be?

CB: I use Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn as well as Twitter. They are all good for different reasons. I probably prefer Instagram for its simplicity. But all of them have different benefits.

BM: Top three Twitter accounts that you follow?

CB: It's a good question. I have two ways to follow: I follow people I love or know and appreciate, and I follow hashtags and search terms. That said, here are three swell people to follow:

  • @jaltucher — great advice on living life and doing business from the gut.
  • @warrenwhitlock — lots of great ideas and unique perspectives.
  • @alyssa__milano — hard to believe an 80s–90s TV personality does so much work for good out there.

Follow Chris Brogan on Twitter @chrisbrogan to see what he's up to next!

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