News: Snapseed Update Launches Three Amazing New Tools

Snapseed Update Launches Three Amazing New Tools

The newest version of Snapseed features three awesome new tools for you photo-editing enthusiasts. The 2.17 update for the editing app was rolled out on Tuesday, March 21, and its new additions are something to behold.

For those unfamiliar few, Snapseed is an award-winning program developed by Nik Software, which is a subsidiary of Google. The powerful photo-editing app enhances pictures with various effects and filters that feature simple-to-use controls, and a set of three new options are making it even more powerful.

New Snapseed features! From left to right: Double Exposure, Face Pose, and Expand. Image by Dallas Thomas/Gadget Hacks

First, there's Double Exposure, which allows users to blend two pictures together via six blending modes, a feature that draws inspiration from analog film techniques and digital image processing.

Then, a new Face Pose option corrects the pose of portraits based on 3D models. You can basically change the direction someone's looking in just by dragging their face, which is an impressive technical feat.

Finally, an Expand feature lets you increase the size of a photo's canvass. An "Auto" mode within this function can even fill the empty space using content from your image, similar to Photoshop's "Content-Aware Fill" feature.

And if that wasn't enough, the Brush tool and Stacks Brushing are now supported in more "Looks," which is Snapseed-speak for photo filters. In all, it's a big update, so grab the latest version for Android or iOS to try it out. Happy editing!

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Cover image via Aaron Alexander/Flickr (Snapseed logo added by Dallas Thomas/Gadget Hacks)

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