News: Seamlessly Transition Your Music from Mac to iPhone in One Click

Seamlessly Transition Your Music from Mac to iPhone in One Click

You're rocking out to your favorite new song playing in iTunes on your Mac, and you've got to go for a run or meet your friend at the local coffee shop. But you're grooving to the music and don't want to leave until you've found the same song on your iPhone, to continue jamming your heart out. There's a few problems with this scenario though: First, it's time consuming. Second, you're most likely to start the song from the beginning, ruining the groove you had going.

What if there was a way you could seamlessly transition the song you were listening to on your Mac computer to your iDevice without any hassle or time wasted?

Enter Seamless.

The video pretty much tells it all, but my only question—where in the hell does this guy live?!?

In order to transition your favorite song, podcast or audiobook from your Mac to iPhone (or vice versa), you need to download both the Five Details' iPhone app ($1.99) and Mac app (free). It may be more useful when it comes to podcasts and audiobooks, since those are definitely things you wouldn't want to start from the beginning, but it's more entertaining to transition music.

For this to work, you have to have the music file on both your Mac and iDevice; It doesn't transfer music, just transitions it. And in order to initiate the seamless transition, just click on the "Transfer Music from Mac" button on your iDevice. Your iPhone (or iPod touch or iPad) will start playing, raising its volume as the Seamless app fades the volume on your Mac. Pretty impressive.

Seamlessly Transition Your Music from Mac to iPhone in One Click

Maybe in the future Five Details will incorporate a streaming or file transfer function, much like the Android's doubleTwist Player, but that's surely something Apple would have to regulate.

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That is actually George Hodel house in L.A. C.A. I think. He was suspected in killing the black dahlia Elizabeth Short im sure everyone knows that

right you are... wow, interesting choice. pretty exotic house.

here are some great old photos-,%205121%20Franklin%20Avenue,%20Los%20Angeles,%20Los%20Angeles%20County,%20CA&displayType=1&itemLink=r?pp/PPALL:@field%28NUMBER+@%28ca0267%29%29

Awesome. Thanks for the information. So, it was called the Sowden House. Here's a brief history of the place: And it goes for $1,900 a night!

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