News: No More Texting-While-Cycling, 'Safe Lock' Blocks Your Network While Riding

No More Texting-While-Cycling, 'Safe Lock' Blocks Your Network While Riding

Cycling accidents are more common than you think. In the past month, two men have been hit and killed while cycling in New York City. I even saw a cycling accident occur yesterday morning here in NYC. It's dangerous enough to be cycling in populated areas, it's made worse by people wanting to text while riding.

Now, a Dutch telecom company, KPN is planning on launching a new app-controlled gadget called 'Safe Lock'. The company says that they want this app to be geared towards children, as texting while cycling has become "a growing cause of teenage accidents", according to CTV News.

The gadget itself is a bike lock. However, with this technology, instead of using a key to free your bike, you have to go through the "Safe Lock" App. The Safe Lock device syncs up with your phone so that you can let it know when you're riding, and when it needs to be locked up.

Once you're on the bike, the device will use that connection to turn your internet and phone signal off, so that you're not distracted at all while riding. You can only get your phone to have reception and internet service again by using the app to lock the device.

Image by KPN/Giphy

According to KPN spokeswoman, Victorina de Boer:

This system is part of a broad campaign to highlight to children, the most vulnerable, the dangers of using their smartphone on their bikes. These are two things that really don't go together.

— Victorina de Boer

The app and device are currently being tested by KPN and will continue to be tested this summer. The company says the plan is to release the Safe Lock towards the end of the year for $110. It will first be released to Android users, and then the company will move to iPhones.

While KPN is planning to start off by releasing the Safe Lock in the Netherlands, the app/device will be hitting the US soon after it's Netherlands release. Hopefully, a device like this will make it safer for people, namely teens and younger children, to stay focused on the road and avoid accidents. Who knows? Maybe we'll see something like this for locking your car in the future? Anything to help decrease the amount of accidents on the road.

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Cover image via KPN/YouTube

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