News: New Uber Update Lets You Travel to a Friend & Use Custom Snapchat Filters

New Uber Update Lets You Travel to a Friend & Use Custom Snapchat Filters

Uber has recently been updating their app on a weekly basis to ensure that users have the smoothest travel experience possible. The entire UI was recently redesigned to increase user-friendliness, the total app size was reduced to improve performance, and an intelligent shortcuts feature was added which tries to guess your next destination.

Following those improvements, Uber added a driver compliment option that let's you compliment your driver rather than just rate them. Another one replaced all visible Ubers on your app with Star Wars ships, if you chose to let your app do so. You might have seen these updates if you're a regular Uber rider, and now you can expect even more goodies to roll out to your smartphone.

The New Goodies

Starting this week, Uber is slowly rolling out two new features, which will be available to all Android and iOS users. The first one allows you to travel directly to a friend's location, as seen in their promo below.

Simply open the app and request a ride to their location. Your friend will need to have the updated Uber app installed on their device as well, and they'll have to tap a notification to let you see their location. But once that's done, your Uber driver will receive it, and off you go!

The other new feature Uber is going to be pushing out to users is a set of custom Snapchat filters. While you're actually in an Uber, you'll see a Snapchat card in your feed. Make sure to open it and choose the filter you want, then take a selfie and swipe right to use it.

What Do You Think?

What do you guys think? Do these upcoming updates sound like something you would use? What about the ones from before... have you tried them out? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cover image by Uber/YouTube

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