News: New Android Market Update Lets You Rent Movies and Buy eBooks

New Android Market Update Lets You Rent Movies and Buy eBooks

Google has been slowly rolling out a new update for the Android Market in the United States, which gives mobile users a new interface and some additional content for their Android-powered smartphones and tablets. The update started a couple weeks ago, taking the Android Market to version 3.0.27 on devices running Android 2.2 or higher.

The new Android Market has a Honeycomb feel to it with a more visually pleasing layout and new colorful promotional page which showcases top apps and games, as well as its new features. The best new features? The ability to purchase and view eBooks via Google Books and rent and watch movies with Videos. In the U.S., there's thousands of movie rentals available within the Videos app, starting at $1.99, which you can stream instantly to any of your devices—computers, smartphones and tablets—or download directly to your device for future viewing.

Also, you may have an easier time discovering great new apps with the enhanced Top Charts and Related Apps, as well as a few of Google's new lists, including Editors' Choice, Top Developers and Trending Apps. These lists can all be found in the Apps and Games homepages by swiping left or right, and they're country specific now to provide more relevant results.

They've also gone and cleaned up the app details page, moving the app name and price into a compact action bar at the top of the page, which lets Android users quickly download and purchase apps and games. And they've made purchasing apps a two-click process.

It's not available outside the U.S. right now, but some stateside Android users aren't even getting the update yet. Users with the HTC Inspire 4G, HTC Aria and Nexus S, among others, still have not received the update. But don't fret... support is sure to come soon. And for everyone else around the globe, Google claims the update will reach all users worldwide in the coming weeks. If you think your device is supported but haven't received the update yet, try following these directions for updating the Android Market.

What do you think about the new Android Market? Is it an improvement? Or are there things that are still needed, like the ability to actually delete the downloaded Books and Videos apps?

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