News: Netflix Introduces 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Television — We're Just Waiting for Interactive House of Cards

Netflix Introduces 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Television — We're Just Waiting for Interactive House of Cards

Have you ever been on a Netflix binge and thought to yourself "man, these characters are so dumb. Why would you go back to the haunted house, Jenny? You know what's in there, and now you're going to die. This whole situation was so easily avoidable, JENNY." If you've ever thought you'd make better decisions than the characters in your favorite TV shows, Netflix has your back.

Netflix announced Tuesday plans to create "Interactive Storytelling" with its programming. Netflix has already announced three examples for users to experience — Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale, a Puss in Boots story, Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile, and Stretch Armstrong: The Breakout, however, the latter will not be released until next year.

While these two examples are undoubtedly children's TV, it doesn't seem like Netflix does not intend for interactive television exclude their other demographics. In their blog post, they mention that children's TV was a natural start, which would appear to imply the company will branch out to other markets.

Imagine an interactive season of House of Cards, or Narcos? Who hasn't wanted to choose the actions of a murderous, power-hungry egomaniac? Or Pablo Escobar?

Image by House of Cards/Netflix

Regardless of age, if you are interested in how Netflix is putting this experience together, you can check out Puss in Book today. Buddy Thunderstruck won't be released until July 14. Netflix says that most TVs will support the feature, as will all iOS devices – no mention of Android compatibility.

So, don't let Jenny go back to the haunted house. Or, let her. It's in your hands, now.

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Cover image by Netflix/YouTube

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