LED Lashes: Geeky-Hot Torture

Geeky-Hot Torture

Ok, first there's the common practice of adhering false eyelashes, and moving quite a bit further from "the norm" is the LED Lashes: Geeky-Hot Tortureextremely strange practice of eyelid gluing.

This latest trend can be summed up as geeky-tech-barbaric. Designer Soomi Park has come up with the idea of affixing LEDS to the eyelids, further perpetuating the "big eye obsession."

Wow. Words fail me. Like? Dislike? Uh....doesn't it hurt?!?

More images below the video.

LED Lashes: Geeky-Hot Torture

LED Lashes: Geeky-Hot Torture

LED Lashes: Geeky-Hot Torture

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That's gotta be bad for your eyes...

Extremely. After a while yur eyes will adjust. the it will be hard 2 c with nd without them. smh. ppl cum up with the dummest things. And dummer ppl fall 4 it.

Where can we buy them? Great gift idea.

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