News: Lack of Resources Could Force Apple to Delay the iPhone SE 2

Lack of Resources Could Force Apple to Delay the iPhone SE 2

Earlier this year, rumors began to swirl regarding Apple's upcoming iPhone SE 2. They predicted an A10 processor and a glass back for wireless charging, all at a price point at least $150 cheaper than the iPhone 7. While it wasn't poised to turn heads like the iPhone X, it would have been a reasonable upgrade for many users looking for a more budget-oriented Apple device.

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However, reports from Apple analyst Min-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities suggest that the iPhone SE 2 may not feature wireless charging — in fact, it may not exist at all. According to 9to5Mac, KGI believes "Apple's resources dedicated to the complicated iPhone X development and release make an iPhone SE 2 less likely." Even features like wireless charging are considered to be too "high end" for the price point that Apple is targeting for the SE 2.

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Even though KGI says the iPhone SE 2 "could still come," this is an incremental upgrade at best. iPhone 6S users looking to make the jump from their battery-bogged system probably won't find a compelling reason to upgrade here. Budget-minded iPhone 5C owners probably picked up the iPhone SE, and won't be interested in an upgrade quite yet. Unlike the first SE, rumored internal specs and features align with iPhone features from two generations ago instead of just one.

If KGI is to be believed, this device seems like a stopgap with no target audience — that is, if it even really exists. Technobuffalo seems to think the device would be best suited for a 2019 release when Apple has the resources to do it right, and we tend to agree with them. With underwhelming watered down specs, the average user would give 2018's version of the iPhone SE 2 a hard "no."

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