News: Jury Awards $120 Million to Apple, Far Less Than the $2 Billion It Wanted from Samsung

Jury Awards $120 Million to Apple, Far Less Than the $2 Billion It Wanted from Samsung

The second patent trial between Apple, Inc. and Samsung Electronics has effectively ended, with a jury ruling that Samsung did in fact infringe on two of Apple's patents. The reward of $119.6 billion is far lower than the $2.2 billion in damages that Apple seeked.

The eight-member jury found Samsung guilty of infringing on patent 5,946,647, which is the autocorrect text entry patent, and patent 8,046,721 patent, which is the slide-to-unlock patent.

The jury, because of a counter suit brought by Samsung, has awarded the Korean OEM $158,400 from Apple for its infringement of one of Samsung's patents. Samsung sought $7 million in damages.

Will this decision put an end to their patent war? It's hard to say, but after the two OEMs failed to reach a mediated decision in February, which led to this trial, you have to figure that they, along with the rest of us, are getting a little litigation weary. But then again, that's why they pay the lawyers the big bucks.

As far as how this affects you and I? Well, it really won't in any meaningful way, unless of course these legal costs get rolled into consumer pricing.

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