News: Handyscope, the $1500 Cancer-Checking iPhone Accessory

Handyscope, the $1500 Cancer-Checking iPhone Accessory

If you consider yourself a hypochondriac and subscribe to the "my iPhone can do ANYTHING" set, you may want to consider turning your iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 into a digital dermatoscope. The Handyscope by FotoFinder uses hardware and an app to magnify your blemish scares up to 20 times (ew). Simply tag the images with your name and locale, and submit them via e-mail for diagnosis.

Handyscope, the $1500 Cancer-Checking iPhone Accessory

Not quite as widely useful as the iPhone STD checker (coming soon?), but for a true hypochondriac, it just might pay for itself in costly doctors' visits over time. The device is currently on sale for €1,166 ($1,582), with the necessary accompanying app priced at $11.99.

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hmmm... I only have three responses to this device...

A.) The advances of technology never cease to astound me! The ability to be able to perform inspection and diagnosis via cell phone is amazing... granted not COMPLETELY convenient for every user every day... but still a leap and bound in a new direction for human connectivity...

B.) Its actually kinda sad that people would rather txt their doctor a picture than go meet them in person... we hide too much behind key boards and cameras nowadays that it is making us lazy and lose touch with connection...

C.) That example photo they used is scaring the ba-jesus out of me... they probably could have picked something slightly less disturbing...

yes.. B. agree. That's the future. convenience ultimately sacrificing other valuable things (human connection, the care that goes into taking the time to do something - eg write a letter instead of an email.)

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