News: Google Will Automatically Translate Reviews No Matter What Country You're In

Google Will Automatically Translate Reviews No Matter What Country You're In

Traveling is a rich and rewarding experience. When you don't speak the language, however, your trip can present some tricky obstacles. Google knows this, which is why they will now automatically translate user reviews in Google Maps and Google searches.

Which is great, because one of the best ways to really get to know a new city is to read user reviews. Those reviews provide insight from locals and tourists alike to help you make informed decisions about what to see and do with your time.

Google revealed their plans on Monday to aid tourists in this respect. Travelers wishing to read reviews for restaurants, museums, shows, and more will now be able to do so seamlessly.

Google will also automatically translate reviews into whatever language your device is set to. So, if you are visiting France, but only speak Spanish, every review written in French will be automatically translated into Spanish, quickly allowing you to comb through your options.

The idea here is simple but powerful. Google is slowly removing language barriers between people and experiences. Perhaps soon, not only could you read any review you'd like, you could speak to anyone you'd like, and understand them in your own language. It may sound a little far-fetched, but so did automatic translations in the not too distant past.

This new feature works on both Google Maps and on general Google searches, so no matter which way you look for suggestions, you will be able to read them all.

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