News: Google Trips Is Like Yelp, TripAdvisor, & Your Itinerary All Rolled into One (Download Inside)

Google Trips Is Like Yelp, TripAdvisor, & Your Itinerary All Rolled into One (Download Inside)

According to sources, Google has been working on a travel app for some time, and now it has a name: Google Trips.

Google Trips aims to be the all-in-one place to go for travel information about your trip. It hasn't been officially announced, but from the leaks that have come out so far, think of it like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and your itinerary in one.

Update: May 2, 2016

While still not on the Google Play Store, you can install the app from APK Mirror using this link.

End Update

It finds your itinerary by scanning your Gmail inbox for flight and hotel bookings and pieces the information together. Once it knows where you're going, it brings up travel details for the destination, such as where to eat, bars, public transportation, and ride-sharing options.

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The ace in the sleeve for Google Trips is using the locals of your destination to curate information. Google Trips is being tested by members of Google's Local Guides, a feature of Google Maps that rewards members for writing business reviews, posting photos, and correcting locations of places. Google Trips may incorporate Local Guides so that "what to do" and "where to go" suggestions are from real locals, instead of an algorithm.

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All of these features are available from Google already, but Google Trips brings it all into one place. Your saved information can be viewed offline as well.

The app is rumored to be available for both iOS and Android, however, it's only being tested by Android users at the moment. A Google rep responded to TechCrunch about Google Trips, saying, "We love to travel and are hard at work dreaming up new ways to make the travel experience hassle-free. While we do that, sit tight and keep on using our amazing tools like Google Flights, Hotel Search and Destinations on Google to plan your next adventure."

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