News: Google Just Launched a Cell Service—Here's What You Need to Know About Project Fi

Google Just Launched a Cell Service—Here's What You Need to Know About Project Fi

Rumors have had Google making a foray into the mobile carrier world for quite some time, but today, the Mountain View tech giant finally made things official. The new service, dubbed Project Fi, will be a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, or MVNO, that uses existing Sprint and T-Mobile cell towers.

And of course it wouldn't be a Google project if they didn't do things a bit differently—the new service will only charge for the data that you use, and offers refunds if you don't use your entire allotted data plan in a given month.

For now, the only supported device is Google's own Nexus 6, which packs hardware that allows it to freely switch between the aforementioned cellular networks to ensure that the best available connection is always used. Additionally, calls can be made over Wi-Fi, and technology in the Nexus 6 will seamlessly switch between LAN and cellular networks without dropping a call.

Additionally, because Fi will be tied with your Google account, you'll be able to utilize additional Android devices with the service. "Talk, text, and check voicemail with the screen nearest you. Your phone number now works with more than just your phone. Connect any device that supports Google Hangouts (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, or Chromebook) to your number. Then, talk and text with anyone—it doesn't matter what device they're using."

Plan & Pricing

Project Fi only offers one plan—unlimited nationwide calling and texting for $20/month, with mobile data costing you $10 per gigabyte used. You can select a plan that includes a pre-allotted data package, but your connection will not be throttled or cut off if you go over. Instead, you'll simply be charged at the $10/GB rate for any additional data used, and any data that you do not use will be refunded at the same rate.

Project Fi requires no contract, so the service can be cancelled at any time without incurring fees. Service includes the ability to use your device as a Wi-Fi hotspot at no extra charge, and roaming is free in 120 countries.


Project Fi is only available in the United States, and you can view a coverage map at this link. For now, the service is only available with an invitation, but you can request an invite here.

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