Google Is in Your Pocket: Android to Replace Credit Cards

Android to Replace Credit Cards

The future of technology promises more and more seamless daily interactions. Pee on your phone, test for STDS. Or perhaps more widely appealing, ditch your wallet for all-in-one easy mobility.

The New York Times reports:

"The newest version of Android, Google's mobile phone operating system, code-named Gingerbread, will come out in a few weeks, CEO Eric Schmidt said. It will include near-field communication technology, which lets people tap their phones on a symbol in the real world to make something happen.

Below, Schmidt demonstrates it onstage using 'an unannounced device that I carry around with me' with tape covering identifying words. The phone was assumed to be the next Nexus, following the Nexus One, Google's Android phone."

Personally, I invite anything that reduces the amount of clutter I have to carry around with me. But notably, Wired's Ryan Singel has a different take on the matter:

"Schmidt imagines a future where mobile users who opt-in to getting notices and suggestions will have local merchants sending targeted deals their way. Companies with smart algorithms and knowledge of your likes and dislikes (say Google) can send you suggestions — such as where you might like to go for a coffee, or even remind you that you needed dental floss and there's a drug store around the corner having a sale on it..." (read more)

What do you think? Is Google growing into an even bigger, scarier Big Brother?

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