News: Get Ready to Send Scents Through Text

Get Ready to Send Scents Through Text

Admit it, since childhood you've thought to yourself, "When oh when will they finally make Smell-o-vision?" And while that technology hasn't yet made it to our living rooms, we may soon be a step closer towards that particular American dream with the oPhone.

The oPhone uses its iOS companion app to send photos and scent profiles to a contact's device and "scent station", which is capable of mimicking 32 separate scents to allow for over 300,000 different combinations.

This would be a great idea for long-distance couples—I know I could get my SO to my place much faster if I send him the smell of my cinnamon rolls along with an image of them. Yay for bribes! And while the foodies in us see a very obvious purpose for this, you could also send the scent of the cologne of your distant relationship partner, or the smell of the beach near your childhood home. But then again...

As was not-so-subtly mentioned, you could also send some not-so-choice scents your friend's way. And as disgusting receiving a fart text sounds, you know you're excited to send them. Gotta show your friends you love them some how!

Interested, curious, or just want to see what the fuss is about? Head over to the oPhone Indiegogo project page for all the deets, and maybe throw down a few bucks to shape the future and get us a step closer to smell-o-vision.

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Sounds like a better concept than Scentee was.

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