News: The Galaxy S8 Is the First Phone with the Longer-Range & Higher-Speed Bluetooth 5.0

The Galaxy S8 Is the First Phone with the Longer-Range & Higher-Speed Bluetooth 5.0

Headphone drama has been all the rage in the past year, with Apple killing off the headphone jack and trying to force AirPods upon its users (Apple, stop trying to make tiny, expensive, easy-to-lose earbuds happen. It's not going to work).

The news for the Galaxy S8 has been on the opposite end of the spectrum, offering a pair of high quality $99 Harman AKG headphones with the purchase of the phone. Also, full specs on the Galaxy S8, leaked yesterday, revealed that the S8 will be the first phone using the new Bluetooth 5.0.

The Bluetooth 5.0 means you'll be able to straight up walk 800 feet away from your phone and still maintain the connection—four times the range of the previous Bluetooth 4.2.

There's more bandwidth as well, with an increase to 2 Mbps, and double the transfer speed (up to 6.25 MBps), meaning that the S8 will have the capability to "push audio to two sets of wireless headphones at the same time," so you'll never end up searching airport convenience stores searching for a splitter again.

All good, right? Well, the big problem with Bluetooth remains the same—that audio you and your friend can simultaneously jam to won't have the robust sound worthy for major hand-banging.

While Bluetooth 5 has some major upgrades, it doesn't come with improvements on the one front we're looking for—sound quality. Bluetooth 5.0 uses a lossy format, meaning that the data is compressed and reduced when traveling from your phone to your Bluetooth's limited bandwidth, resulting in the same, lower-quality audio.

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I faced a problem with Samsung Galaxy S8, which is having Bluetooth 5.0.

As I heard that BT 5 BLE has 10x ranging than before. But could detect BT devices more than a foot distance. BT devices such as iBeacons, gears, other BLE devices.

I wondered that BT 5.o or Samsung Galaxy S8.

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