Galaxy Note 10 vs. iPhone XS: Comparing the Newest 'Small' Models from Samsung & Apple

Comparing the Newest 'Small' Models from Samsung & Apple

For the first time in a while, the battle between Samsung and Apple is really interesting. Unlike previous years where the choice for smaller hands was limited to the Galaxy S series, this year, there's an option for Galaxy Note users. Both sides of the aisle have their best options in years with minimal sacrifices.

For Apple users, the iPhone XS is a carbon copy of the iPhone XS Max. The only real differences between the two are the screen size, resolution, speaker size, and battery capacity. Considering all of that, you get nearly identical performance as the larger phone without much compromise.

For Samsung fans, the story's a bit different. Samsung made a few changes (one being the SoC) that limit the smaller model's performance when compared to the Galaxy Note 10+. However, this did allow for a lower price tag, offering one of the better price-to-performance ratios by Samsung in a while.

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Why You Should Go with the Galaxy Note 10

Besides self-identifying as a Samsung or Android fanboy (or fangirl), there are some good reasons why someone in the market for a smartphone should get the Galaxy Note 10 over the iPhone XS. It starts with the raw specs.

The Galaxy Note 10 has twice the amount of RAM when compared to the iPhone XS, and the base storage tiers is double Apple's offering. That gap widens when you consider that the Note 10 supports expandable storage via MicroSD for up to 2 terabytes more storage space.

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For cameras, it's all about options. Whereas the iPhone XS uses the standard rear arrangement of 2018, the Galaxy Note 10's arrangement is firmly in the present. It has one more camera — besides the standard wide-angle and telephoto, the Galaxy Note 10 also has an ultra-wide-angle lens helping you get much more in the picture (without needing to back up). Unlike the iPhone XS, the main lens isn't locked to one aperture. Instead, it can use one of two different aperture settings to give you more flexibility with lighting.

The Galaxy Note 10 is lighter despite the fact that it's a bit larger than the iPhone XS. Its battery is nearly 1,000 mAh bigger, it supports wireless charging up to 20 W, and it actually includes a 25 W fast-charging power adapter in the box.

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Why You Should Go with the iPhone XS

For those who have the iPhone XS or are considering purchasing either of these phones, Apple does have a lot to offer. While it loses in the battle of specs (outside of a sharper screen and a few other areas), there's more to a phone than just its components. It starts with the price. Since the iPhone XS is nearly a year old, you can purchase it below its $999.99 MSRP. Additionally, iPhones have much better resale value than Galaxies.

The iPhone XS is a smaller phone overall. Its length, width, and depth are smaller than the Galaxy Note 10 thanks to its smaller screen size. It is also powered by the Apple A12 Bionic chipset. This system-on-a-chip is the best at CPU performance (according to most benchmarks) and offers comparable GPU performance to either of the SoCs found in the Galaxy Note 10.

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Thanks to Apple's optimizations, despite its lower RAM, its multi-tasking ability is just as good as the Galaxy Note 10. Even battery life benefits from its optimization, offering some of the best longevity on the market despite having one of the smallest batteries.

And then there's the biometrics. Facial recognition does have several advantages over a fingerprint scanner. For one, it's more accurate. Second, it is easier to unlock your phone when your hands are tied. Face ID also works faster compared to the ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner found in the Galaxy Note 10. The latter already was a downside to the Galaxy S10 series, and while improved, it's still far from perfect.

Finally, there's the differences between iOS and Android, but I'm not touching that one. If you prefer Apple's software over Google's, that could be a plus for you.

Image by Jake Peterson/Gadget Hacks

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