FYI: Your Answers to Those Instagram Question Stickers Aren't Anonymous

Your Answers to Those Instagram Question Stickers Aren't Anonymous

Users on Instagram have taken the app's new "Questions" sticker and run with it — it's tough to find a story in your feed that doesn't proudly sport "Ask me a question." However, it appears there's some confusion when it comes to the anonymity of your answers to these questions. News flash — your username is attached to every response.

To be fair, Instagram isn't necessarily clear about who sees your answers to Questions stickers. When you encounter one, the app simply tells you that, if shared, your answer won't contain your username. While that can imply your name is attached to any and all responses you give, Instagram doesn't confirm that, either. You only really know if you see for yourself.

What the Asker Can See ...

When someone posts a Questions sticker in their story, responses from all of their followers or other users (if it's public) are grouped together in one window, usernames and all. There's no option for anonymity here, so they see the identity of each answerer every time. If you've left a particularly embarrassing response to someone's question, the screenshots below might come as a bit of a shock.

This is what the question asker will see when people answer.

What Is Shown When They Share It ...

If they choose to share your response, however, your username won't appear in your post. But the fact remains that the asker definitely knows you were the one who answered that.

Sharing an answer that someone responded with — their name is not visible.

Besides Instagram's own lack of clarity on this issue, it's possible part of the confusion comes from popular anonymous question platforms of the past. Forums such as ASKfm were notorious because users could respond to questions totally incognito. It's possible many assumed the same would be the case on Instagram.

If you happen to see a Questions sticker in the wild while browsing Instagram, think about your answer carefully. If nothing else, just don't be creepy. The person or account who asked it will be able to see your name next to your answer.

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Cover image and screenshots by Jake Peterson/Gadget Hacks

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