News: The Future of the Book Might Work Something Like This...

The Future of the Book Might Work Something Like This...

There are endless possibilities for eReaders, and lots of amazing things are already happening. But wow-worthy visual tricks aside, how can technology really change the way we consume books? In the video below design company IDEO presents three separate concepts for virtual consumption: Nelson, Coupland and Alice.

IDEO groups their virtual experiences into three separate concepts: Nelson, Coupland and Alice. Core77 breaks down each concept:

Nelson reinforces books as critical thinking tools, providing multiple perspectives, references, and current conversations on a single subject. The layers of information beyond the book itself provide greater context and encourages a deeper dive into the book throughout history and into the future.

Coupland addresses the challenge to stay on top of the thinking and writing in our world and professional field that so many of us feel. Readers can easily keep up with "must-reads" by following what colleagues are reading and interact with them through "book clubs" and other social layers (discussions, suggestions, lists, purchases) to help each other share and learn.

Alice explores new ways for users to interact and affect written narratives by introducing non-linear and game mechanics to reading. By introducing the reader's active participation, this concept "blurs the lines between reality and fiction." Certain interactions allow the reader to transcend traditional media by utilizing geographic location, communication with characters, and user contribution to storyline and plot.

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The purpose of renovation is to improve the quality of life and accessibility to superior quality lifestyle. For example, inventing the polio vaccine created an opportunity for better quality of life. Making better and cheaper Polio vaccine improved the accessibility to that improvement. However, certain aspects of the "Alice" program do neither of these things. Do you want to visit a coffee shop in order to "unlock" a chapter of a book? This makes it less accessible, and does not improve the quality of the story itself. Are we to do a silly dance and stand on our heads just so that we can read 'Fahrenheit 451'?, or 'Of Mice and Men'?, or 'To Kill a Mockingbird'? I'm not conservative. I too look to the future, but I see a different one.

very thoughtful response, thanks. personally, i agree for the most part. the day i don't have hard copy of a book in my hand will truly be a sad one. same with magazines.. and that probably isn't too far off. on the other hand, some of these innovations might be great for educational programs...especially for the purpose of engaging kids who might otherwise be uninterested in reading.

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