News: Fly Lufthansa? Snapchat Will Introduce You to Your Flight Crew

Fly Lufthansa? Snapchat Will Introduce You to Your Flight Crew

What companies do you think have a unique and compelling take on social media? Wendy's is certainly confident, to say the least. But Lufthansa Airlines is taking a different approach than most — and it seems to be working — as they give passengers a look behind the scenes through Snapchat Stories.

According to Marketing Daily, the airline introduced Crew Stories in September, allowing customers novel insights into how the crew works when not interacting with passengers. The numbers are more than impressive — Lufthansa has seen an 800% increase in story views in the eight months since launch, and has reported high levels of repeat viewings. Essentially, Lufthansa now has a story fanbase. Can you imagine any airline saying that with a straight face these days?

Lufthansa has even established "meet-ups" with their fans, utilizing hashtags to allow fans to meet with select flight attendants in different cities. To accomplish this campaign, Lufthansa partnered with Sparkloft Media, whose CEO Martin Stoll had this to say about the project:

Lufthansa's Crew Connections campaign is a fresh way to extend their Crew Stories on Snapchat and allow people to connect with some of the ambassadors of the brand. We've really enjoyed working on this campaign and look forward to seeing all the content to come.

— Martin Stoll

Through Snapchat, customers have been able to see areas of the plane that only reserved for authorized employees. On another occasion, some Lufthansa customers got a tour of South Africa from a native flight attendant. Lufthansa is indeed offering its passengers a one-of-a-kind experience through Snapchat, which makes it unique among all the brands and companies trying to clog up your social media experience with their attempts to reach you.

This positive campaign comes at a time where airlines have established a rough reputation for themselves. United Airlines is still openly mocked and condemned for their violent removal of a passenger, and there's no telling when or if the company will shake the incident from public memory.

All this negative press around other airlines gives Lufthansa the perfect opportunity to use its Snapchat popularity to their advantage.

Keep doing what you're doing Lufthansa. We'll keep watching.

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Cover image via Marcus Zymmer/Unsplash

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