News: Finally, a Tangle-Less USB Cord You Can Store in Your Wallet

Finally, a Tangle-Less USB Cord You Can Store in Your Wallet

Computer cables tangle and get in the way, but Mobile Accessory Project hopes to solve that with CONNEX, a flat cable shaped like a credit card which expands up to 1.5 feet.

The cord is made of silicone cut into a zigzag pattern that stretches up to 18 inches and self-collapses, naturally folding back into its card-shaped zigzag when not being pulled.

Image by CONNEX/Mobile Accessory Project

It's 3.5 millimeters thick, which is about four driver's licenses stacked up.

Image by CONNEX/Kickstarter

The cord comes in two iterations, a USB-to-Lightning (Apple) and a USB-to-Micro USB (Android, and many other devices). Other than that, it's just a normal operating cable. (Hopefully we'll see some USB-to-USB C soon, too).

Image by CONNEX/Mobile Accessory Project

CONNEX comes in a variety of colors, and you're encouraged to draw on them with permanent marker. Businesses can also order them in bulk with their logos on them.

Image by CONNEX/Kickstarter

Ripping is a cause for concern, but the creators designed it with added space at the bending points to minimize tears.

Image by CONNEX/Kickstarter

The CONNEX Kickstarter campaign has already, but you can get a Lightning version for $13 on Indiegogo, or the Micro USB one for $11, with shipping estimated in July. You can also preorder them on the Mobile Accessory Project shop for $19 and $15, respectively.

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Cover image via CONNEX/Kickstarter

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