News: Dating App 'Hinge' Wants to Showcase the Real You with Video Clips

Dating App 'Hinge' Wants to Showcase the Real You with Video Clips

It seems we've come full circle in alternative dating routes. Just like a long time ago when people were able to go to matchmakers and watch videos of potential matches, the dating app 'Hinge' is now allowing you to add videos to your profile.

In fact, many dating apps are starting to integrate videos into their platforms. Match announced 'Stories', a feature that is a cross between Instagram and Snapchat's famous stories, and Tinder's old 'Moments' feature. Bumble also announced in January that they would soon be adding a Snapchat-like video feature to their platform. But Hinge is the first to actually implement videos as a part of your profile.

For those of you who haven't yet heard of Hinge, it's advertised by Refinery29 as 'the anti-Tinder'. It's made specifically for finding someone who's long-term goals align with yours to help you match with people that you want to be serious about, not just for a hook up.

Instead of the typical dating app 'swipe' that users do, you instead create a 'story', a collage of who you are in pictures, quotes, facts, and now videos. Instead of swiping, potential matches can comment notes on your story to let you know they find something about you interesting.

CEO Justin McLeod told Mashable that he wants Hinge to be a place for intimate communication that leads to actual relationships. In regards to videos, he believes:

Video adds more texture to profiles, so people can really get a good sense of you. What we're trying to do is create a way to share that feels natural. It's an extension of how they're already communicating.

— Justin McLeod, CEO of Hinge

Uploading the video itself is simple. Once your profile is all set up on Hinge, you can simply click on one of the images on your profile from Facebook and choose to edit (the pencil icon). It will then let you pick from photos and videos from your Instagram, Facebook, and Camera Roll. Videos easily appear on your profile so you can showcase your talents, cool things that you've done, or just show yourself from other angles.

Images by Juliet Gallagher/Gadget Hacks

Hinge is hoping that the inclusion of videos will help users find a real match, it certainly is a fun, easy way to let people get to know you better. In the video released by the company to introduce videos, they claimed that dating apps needed videos because 'life isn't static'.

This could also be a huge way to boost Hinge ahead of the top dating apps like Tinder. Already, the company is growing 20% per month and creates over 15,000 dates a week, which is pretty awesome considering the app was only launched last year.

Hinge is available exclusively on the App Store. To learn more about Hinge, check out this incredible animated video they did at their launch that tells the story of 'The Dating Apocalypse'.

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