News: Curve's Newest Feature Lets You Go Back in Time

Curve's Newest Feature Lets You Go Back in Time

Mobile wallet Curve just released a new feature that lets you correct past mistakes. Sounds incredible, right? Unfortunately, the mistakes you can erase aren't things like forgetting to do an assignment in school, screwing up a job interview, or, well, your ex. However, you can switch the card you want to use to pay even after you've paid with Curve, and that's still pretty cool.

That's right, Curve lets you retroactively switch which card you want to pay with. The London-based mobile wallet app works by providing users with a physical MasterCard bank card connected to the mobile wallet.

You can add an unlimited number of bank cards to the mobile app, and each one you add also syncs with the Curve card. Before making payments, you can select which card you want the Curve card to charge. If you accidentally forget to switch your cards, this new update could save you the trouble of using your personal card for a company charge or vice versa.

For up to two weeks after making a payment, you can switch the card that will be charged in the app. Curve does this by simply refunding one card and charging another. It's a quick switch and addresses an issue Curve users have long complained about. Curve's product lead — Arthur Leung — told VentureBeat that this new feature will be very helpful for users.

This update is a solution to a common payments problem, and we know first-hand it's a feature our users are excited about ... No manually re-wiring money, no missed loyalty points, no unintentional incurred fees by using the wrong card.

This feature is certainly exciting, but you may want to hold off on downloading the mobile wallet. Unfortunately, Curve is currently only available throughout Europe. Although there are plans to expand it to the United States in the future, that's a long-term goal of the company. For now, us Yankees are stuck with mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

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