News: Charlie Hebdo Releases Mobile App for Android, iOS, & Windows

Charlie Hebdo Releases Mobile App for Android, iOS, & Windows

In the wake of a horrific attack on its Paris headquarters, satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo has responded by upping its print run from a typical 60,000 to upwards of 3 million. This commemorative issue, Tout est pardonné ("All is forgiven"), has been met by such demand that the publisher is turning to alternative forms of media to reach as many viewers as possible.

An official mobile app was just uploaded to iTunes, Google Play, and the Windows Store, which will allow people around the world to purchase a digital copy of the latest Charlie Hebdo issue.

Since the perpetrators of this heinous act were of Muslim faith and justified their actions as a response to a Charlie Hebdo depiction of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad, the newspaper felt its only course of action was to depict the founder of Islam again in its latest issue. But out of respect to our Muslim readers, who most certainly have nothing in common with the perpetrators except for their religion, we will not be depicting the Prophet in this article.

It's unclear if the app will offer future Charlie Hebdo publications, but at this time, only the Tout est pardonné issue is available. The digital copy runs $3.54 USD, and can be purchased through your respective app store account.

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