News: Being a YouTuber On-the-Go Just Got Easier

Being a YouTuber On-the-Go Just Got Easier

The beauty gurus, gamers, and daily vloggers of the world are getting a great gift from YouTube very soon. No, it's not exclusive swag or diamond awards. Instead, it's an update to the YouTube mobile app that will support all video formats and let you send in-app messages.

This announcement comes hot on the heels of a busy week for YouTube. Not only were six new YouTube Red Original programs announced, but YouTube TV expanded to ten more major US regions. On top of this, just last month it was revealed that the desktop version of YouTube will undergo a major redesign. It seems that YouTube is working hard to provide users with the best experience possible, and the update to its mobile app is definitely an extension of that.

This new update should save YouTubers the hassle of always having high-tech camera equipment with them. Now, you can pull out your camera and film any way you want. Vertically or horizontally, the orientation doesn't matter. Essentially, the changes to the mobile app should make it so that you can easily film a video and upload it without any issues. So you know those black bars that would show up on the sides of vertical videos? Well, say goodbye. The days of uncomfortably holding your phone sideways just to avoid them are almost behind us.

An in-app chat feature is also coming that will enable you to send your friends messages and videos.

The convenience of messaging on the mobile app means that sharing and discussing videos with your friends is literally as easy as the press of a button. If you see a funny video, you can immediately share it. It'll be interesting to see whether YouTube expands to later let users form in-app communities similar to Facebook groups, but I wouldn't be surprised considering this new chat feature is fairly similar to Messenger.

Overall, these new changes will make the mobile app much easier to engage with, so I can't wait to continue using it to find intelligent, thought-provoking content.

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